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ARP Security - ARP-related security issues
ARP is a fundamental piece of layer 2 networks. Its flaws should be pretty well known at this point in its life. Despite that, this aims to dive into some of the problems with ARP and it's naive design and some of the entertaining things you can do with it.
Dynamic DNS and DHCP - Easy to do, and you'll thank yourself later
DHCP is good. DNS is good. Put them together and you get gooder... or something. Either way, dhcp and dns are a core of any network. Normally, they won't talk to eachother. However, with some minimal work you can have dhcp automatically update dns when new clients requests addresses. Learn how here.
Efficient Computer Usage - Smarter use of your time
This article covers tools and tricks to help make your daily work easier. It is quite long, and I wrote most of it in one stint. Better information can be better found on, a blog dedicated to making your life easier.
OpenLDAP with saslauthd and Kerberos -
This article dives into how to enable kerberos authentication using your OpenLDAP system. It shows you how to enable authentication with both TGT and passwords, all against the kerberos server.
PPP Over SSH - a simple vpn solution for unix
"PPP over SSH" is a quick and dirty way to setup a an encrypted tunnel, otherwise known as a VPN.
SSH Security and You - /bin/false is *not* security
Learn why a common technique to lock accounts and prevent logins is faulty. This article focuses mainly on ssh-related issues.
Week of Unix Tools -
The 'week of unix' series is intended to be a high-intensity skill boost to anyone who reads them. No fluff.