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List of projects

fex - flexible token-field extraction
fex works like cut or awk in its field navigation, but allows you to specify token-based fields in a much more concise, flexible, and readable way.
Perl-Gtk2 File Browser -
Perl+GTK2 file browser. Written by a 4-person team (including me) during the 2003 Red Bull Programming Competition at RIT.
firefox tabsearch extension - tab searching == win.
Search your browser tabs and find the tab you're looking for.
firefox urledit extension - faster, smarter url editing
Edit url paramters quickly and easily.
grok - an expert system for real time log analysis
Java Chat GUI... thing -
This probably isn't useful to anyone, seeing as it was written for a specific protocol that was designed by RIT's CS3 professors. This was for a project that we were required to do. However, it does have some cool features like html in the chat window, smiley support (using java 1.4's regular expression stuffs), and extended tab support (you can drag tabs out to create new windows, and move tabs between windows, etc). So it might be useful to learn from for Java GUI. Keep in mind, I wrote this long before I knew anything about DOM or proper Document usage in Java.
keynav - retire your mouse.
keynav is a tool that lets you quickly reposition the mouse cursor with the keyboard. This isn't your standard mouse-key navigation: It's better.
Kiosk Web UI -
liboverride - simpler function injection
liboverride is a small toolset which (hopefully) lets you quickly write code you can inject to another program.
newpsm framework - A new mouse driver framework for FreeBSD 7.x
nis2ldap - NIS to LDAP migration scripts
pam_captcha - A Visual text-based CAPTCHA challenge module for PAM
Poor man's backup - becuase incremental backups should be simple
tastydrive - store data in
Split files into chunks and store them in Sketchy, but a working proof-of-concept. This is written in python and uses FUSE to provide a simple interface to putting data into delicious.
xdotool - fake keyboard/mouse input
xpathtool - powerful xpath queries on the commandline